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What's New?

Roses, fruit trees, camellias, wire spheres, hostas, a new shipment of trellises and arbors, rhododendrons, garden art, seeds, spring veggies! There are so many new and delightful plants and gifts here at Cottage Gardens, you need to stop by! Here's just the tiniest taste of what we've got here for you at the end of March...
Gorgeous camellias and roses (so many to choose from) and wondrous whimsical garden art!
Strong, sturdy, colorful conifers and perfecct peonies (we've got so many gorgeous varieties), and the most beautiful vegetable starts you've ever seen!
Hand-made right here, our Tuffits make the best stepping stones! We've got a fabulous selection of pots and containers for you this year, and don't you just adore these tortoises?
Indoors, our houseplants (including the orchids) are simply stunning....Outdoors, the clematis are budded up and ready to bloom and the hostas are emerging, proving that it IS really springtime!
Yes, it is early but if you have a greenhouse or some other way of protecting them, we've got a whole bunch of tomato starts for you! The citrus trees have arrived too, and the deciduous fruit trees are beginning to leaf out and even blossom!
We love rusted metal artwork and have a beatiful bunch of rusty blooms for you to choose from! The azaleas and rhododendrons are looking awesome!

We can't wait to see you - come on in!