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We have great organic fertilizers too!



At Cottage Gardens of Petaluma!

Ultimate Recipe
Potting Soil

$18 per bag
3 or more for $17.50
Edna's Best
Potting Soil

$12.50 per bag
3 or more for $12 each!
Also in 8qt size - $6.00
Cactus & Suculent Mix
$14 each
3 or more - $13.50!

Also in 8qt size - $7.00
Soil Booster!
$9.50 per bag
3 or more for $9 each
Double Doody
$12.50 per bag
3 or more for $12!

Organic Compost
$8.50 a bag
3 or more for $8!

$14 per bag
$13.50 each for 3 or more
Raised Bed Mix
$10 per 1.5 cubic ft. bag
$9.50 for 3 or more!


Earthworm Castings
$18.50 per bag
$18 for 3 or more!

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We have an excellent line of great soils and amendments for your garden! Organic, healthy potting soils, a great new Raised Bed Mix - perfect for big containers & wine barrels too - and amendments to enrich and add nutrients to your garden beds and containers. Figure out what you need, then call to pay over the phone. You can swing by to pick up OR let us know if you need a delivery!

Happy Gardening!